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Our strategic book promotion strategies are tailored to your book's genre and goals. From creating buzz around your book to generating interest among readers, we utilize effective marketing channels and approaches to ensure maximum exposure for your work.

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Our Book Marketing Process

Extensive Research
Experienced Marketers

Our book marketing team is made up of highly skilled marketers from various industries with the skills to develop the most powerful and effective campaign. By implementing impactful strategies to let you enjoy premium returns within the budget, they concentrate on every aspect of digital marketing.

Authentic Content
Personalized Services

It doesn't matter whether you want our PPC, SEO, or social media marketing services, as our primary concern remains your requirements and specifications, and we feel it is our responsibility to give you the best solution for your business needs. We delegate all of our projects to an expert who has previous experience working on similar projects and knows the project's ins and outs.

Evaluative Review
Designing your Masterpiece

To publish your masterpiece, our multitalented designers get their hands on in coming up appealing front and back covers, disclaimers, Author's biography, and table of contents.

Publishing and Distribution Process

In the final part of the publishing process, we obtain your ISBN Codes to get your printing started. After our influential clients have approved their manuscripts, we merge them to get it published in the desired format.

Margaret Atwood said, "Storytelling is innate to the human condition. Thus eliminating it would be futile. We bring it with us."

Now is the time to let the world know your story through us.

Margaret Atwood

Our Recent Collections

Our recent work done by our unique talent pool with various skillsets has made us specialize in several genres for catering to ghostwriting purposes of the clients belonging to various industries.


Book marketing is a carefully planned and executed process aimed at maximizing book sales and increasing awareness among vendors, readers, and customers. It involves various phases, each contributing to the ultimate goal of achieving the highest possible outcomes for your book.
In order to ensure a successful book marketing campaign, it is advisable to start promoting your book at least six months before its publishing date. Building anticipation and excitement around your book's release is crucial. Begin by leveraging the power of social media and gradually expanding your marketing efforts. Even if your book is already published, there are still opportunities to effectively market it. Start by identifying your target audience demographic and developing a comprehensive marketing strategy. This strategy should include a budget and a range of techniques to engage your target audience. If you lack the expertise or time, consider enlisting the professional book marketing services offered by Authors Hike. With their assistance, you can maximize your book's potential and achieve remarkable results.
A book marketing service that specializes in implementing promotional and marketing methods to elevate book awareness to new heights. With diverse marketing and promotion strategies at their disposal, these professionals excel at defining your target audience and designing customized strategies tailored to your book's unique characteristics. They assess the market size and compare it with similar publications and campaigns to determine the most profitable promotional techniques for you as an author.
Online book marketing offers a plethora of effective strategies to consider. Alongside having your own author website, it's essential to make a strong presence on social media platforms, create an Amazon author page, and maintain an engaging blog. Ensure that these off-site profiles are interlinked, allowing visitors to find your content easily. Remember, your blog and social media posts should offer valuable and engaging content rather than being solely promotional. Get creative and share content that relates to you and your book while captivating your audience. Regularly update and maintain your profiles to stay connected with your readers. Hire book marketers of Authors Hike today!