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The Professional team of book cover designers at Authors Hike has made over a thousand interesting book covers for a wide range of authors. Our layouts have consistently sold well, whether for indie authors or New York Times best-sellers.
Authors Hike's in-house designers treat each book as a unique project, devoting their full attention to making a cover that catches your eye.

Need an Attention-Grabbing Cover for your Brilliant Book?

At Authors Hike, we are honored to assist you with high-quality designs that will earn your trust forever.

Our method centers on images and is driven by creative customization.

Our Process

Extensive Research
One-of-a-Kind Designs

Our book cover designers will read your book in its entirety and then create a unique book cover that attracts readers and accurately represents your book.

Authentic Content
Proper Brainstorming

Before beginning work on your book cover, our designers will conduct an in-depth study and brainstorming session, which will help them create an image that conveys the spirit of your book.

Evaluative Review
Artistic designs for Book Cover Design

Our cover artists consider the book's genre and central theme as they craft a design that will grab readers' attention.

Margaret Atwood said, "You're never going to kill storytelling because it's built-in the human plan. We come with it."

So, hurry up and tell your story to the world through us!

Margaret Atwood

Our Recent Collections

Our recent work done by our unique talent pool with various skillsets has made us specialize in several genres for catering to ghostwriting purposes of the clients belonging to various industries.


Authors work with book cover designers to create book interior designs and artwork for their publications. Designers typically use a wide range of resources and methods to design a book cover that will appeal to consumers and boost sales. They need to communicate well to understand the author's thoughts, the story's theme, and the target demographic.
The rights to book cover illustrations are negotiated between the artist and the publisher. Both of our names will be credited to the book. Cost-effective and exclusive licenses for digital publication are typical for photos created specifically for e-book distribution. We may charge more for the license if the author wants paperbacks printed. However, as we already have permission and consent from the photographer to use stock photos for our book covers, we do not need to pay any further licensing fees.
Hiring a book cover design service online is getting easier all the time. You may find many possibilities for book cover design services through a simple Google search.
Look around on their site by clicking around. Getting in touch with a designer through their website is usually inexpensive. We are, at the very least, always available for discussion. Please fill out the form above to have one of our staff contact you for a more in-depth discussion of your project. If we can settle our differences of opinion, the problem is solved! You've recruited some of the best graphic artists working on book covers today.