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Navigating the publishing landscape can be daunting, especially for first-time authors. Our team of publishing experts is here to provide guidance and support at every step of your journey. Authors Hike offers personalized assistance tailored to your needs, from manuscript critique and book development to book proposal writing and publishing consultation. With our book writing, editing, formatting, publishing expertise, and industry insights, you can make an informed decision and confidently navigate the path to publishing success.

Open the Doors to New Opportunities with Self-Publishing

Harness the power of self-publishing to reach readers worldwide, explore new markets, and unlock the potential for financial success.

Our Book Publishing Process

Extensive Research
Experts on Platforms

In our staff, we have a group of expert book publishing agents who are familiar with the complexities of different publishing platforms, whether it is a fiction work, an autobiography or a business publication; this book publishing agency promises outstanding quality and unparalleled service.

Authentic Content
Submission of the draft

When you submit a primary draft along with the instructions needed to be catered about the project, we try to meet your expectations and suggest the room for improvement.

Evaluative Review
Customized Service

We will appoint an experienced book publishing agent to your project based on your requirements. They take all your orders into account, develop a publishing plan and implement it within the expected time; we are one of the best publishing companies for excellent work and punctuality.

Software Rectification

Our proofreaders put a lot of hardworking in perfecting your unedited manuscripts. However, we still run them on eponymous softwares like Grammarly, White smoke, and Copyscape for flawless results.

Publishing Promotion
Connection with Customer

Each consumer is vital to us, and each project is special. We have a special focus on contact with customers, and that is why we keep you in the loop during the book publishing process and offer what you want in this way.

Margaret Atwood said, "You're never going to kill storytelling because it's built-in the human plan. We come with it."

So, hurry up and tell your story to the world through us!

Margaret Atwood

Our Recent Collections

Our recent work done by our unique talent pool with various skillsets has made us specialize in several genres for catering to ghostwriting purposes of the clients belonging to various industries.


Self-publishing is a method that allows authors to release their work independently without relying on traditional publishers. It is commonly used for literature, music, and art. Self-publishing provides a quick way to make your work accessible to the public. Platforms like Amazon offer self-publishing services, such as Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), which enables authors to handle the publishing process themselves. Alternatively, you can enlist the assistance of professional book publishing services like Authors Hike, who can assist with various aspects of the publishing process. With self-publishing, authors have full control over pricing, publishing formats, book design, distribution, and marketing.
Amazon Publishing refers to Amazon's traditional publishing house, distinct from its self-publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). While Authors Hike is widely known as the largest self-publishing platform globally, Amazon Publishing is a separate model for book publishing. If you require assistance with your book publishing journey, professional services such as Authors Hike can be a valuable option.
An International Standard Book Number or more commonly known as ISBN, is a unique numerical code used to identify a book's language, publisher, edition, and format, including eBook, paperback, or hardcover. It simplifies the process of locating books for bookstores, libraries, distributors, schools, and anyone searching for a specific title. As a professional book publishing company, we can provide an ISBN for your book.
Yes, being a professional book publishing service, we will provide your book with an ISBN and will register it with your book for you. Your book will then be available in every library in your country's reference department, as well as on every bookstore's website. However, the rights to your book will remain with you, the author.